Katrina Army Officer & Victim – The Story – Episode 7

Retired LTC David McPherson was an Army Reserve Officer and served over 20 years of service.  The stories will hear revolves primarily around a three year period from August 2005 until 2008.  You will also hear about how his decision to join the service, his family and his on and off duties as a US Army Reserve Officer. 

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David played a critical role in both of the  major operations around Hurricane Katrina (Operation Evacuee & Debris), at the same time he was a VP of technology for a local university, a husband, father and son in which he supported all of them during his duties around the Hurricane.  Hurricane_Katrina

At the 38 minutes and 26 seconds  you are going to hear how David’s unit supported operations in Afghanistan through a retrofit process and how it affected his soldiers that had experienced it.  One unit coming through had lost 105 men in battle in the previous month and David talks about how it affected them how Chaplan stood up for the warriors even to the point of swearing, which I had to bleep…ha ha. 

Being an enlisted soldier I got a kick out of David’s run-in with the 3rd Army (CSM) Sergeant Major in the dining facility.  You will hear this story at 42 minutes and 54 Seconds into the episode. 

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  1. Chaplain Raymond G. McPherson, CAPT/USN(Ret)

    Just finished listening to our son and this awesome interview. His mother and I heard his description of life experiences that touched our heart, especially his part in the recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans while he was aware that we, his parents, had also experienced a severe loss of home and property. Yet, he was able to show up with me, his dad, and his younger brother as we surveyed the devastation of our home in Waveland. He and his brother, my two sons, were an enormous support on the first sighting of damage. Total grief that gave us all a new understanding of folks that lose property and personal possessions that represent valuable family history. We are amazed at the leadership he has shown in so many challenging circumstances. How proud we are of our son, LCol. David E. McPherson, for sharing his military experience and all that he has seen and experienced, for us, his family, for God and country. Thank you son. Your earned your rank and well deserved. We love you. Dad and Mom

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