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Korean Conflict Era Sailor – Episode 11

buy strattera Richard A. Guenther – A potential draftee who joined the Navy verses being drafted in the Army in 1953. It worked out well for Richard and he had a great tour of duty in the Navy, minus the almost 2 ½ months of Mess Hall duty he had to serve. 

Richard served a total of eight years of service primarily out of Naval Air Station Pensacola. He served on the USS Saipan (CVL-48) Light Aircraft Carrier that was turned into a training vessel to train young Naval Aviation Pilots. One of the pilots that went through the training while Richard was stationed on the Carrier was Senator John McCain.  

After his tour of duty on the ship Richard was assigned to a photo lab in Memphis Tennessee where he served out his remaining tour of active duty and then he went on to serve another four years as a Radar Sonar Operator at Pensacola in the Naval Reserves becoming a weekend warrior. 

Richard is now 86 years old and lives in Lewisburg Tennessee 

Timeline of Podcast

Introduction of Richard

1m:26S- Richard starts his story

10m:38s – Were you drafted Richard?

13m:07 s – Richards Transfer to Memphis Tennessee   

22m:56s – Funniest thing Richard remembers about his tour of duty

33m:34s – The one thing Richard learned from the military

40m:46s – Closing remarks

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