SGT Road Soldier – Episode 6

This episode is Sergeant Road Soldier.  My guest is Grace Nix, Grace was an 88 Mike which is a Motor transport operator. They  are primarily responsible for supervising or operating wheel vehicles to transport buy lasix pills personnel and cargo. They are the backbone of the Army’s support and sustainment click structure, providing advanced mobility on and off the battlefield.

Like my other episodes you will learn about the mission of the 88 mike and Grace.  On one of Grace’s tours she served in Egypt which is very unique duty assignment. You might ask how did she get that assignment, well here is a hint, it is nice to have friends in high places and you will also where she has and exciting time in Egypt, 

One other thing, there are probably very few people soldiers who enlisted in the SMA’s office at the Pentagon, yes Grace was one of them. 

This will be my last episode for 2019, I started this podcast after volunteering for the past 3 years at the USO and hearing all the great stories from the military personal passing through our center.   I am deeply humbled by the soldiers and sailors who have told their story and for you for listening. I promise to not fade out and continue to tell as many stories that they are willing to share.  

To listen to my podcast simple go to and on home you will find the latest episode along with my podcast menu that contains all my episodes.  

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