Soldiers Stories Beginnings tantalisingly Every Soldier Has A Story, Let’s Tell Yours

I was recently interviewed by Fred at The Podcast Reporter about this podcast and its beginnings. Listen to his podcast about Soldiers Stories beginnings HERE.

My father on bottom right side

My father is pictured above and below.  My father passed when I was 11 years old.  He was an Army Medic in the Pacific in WWII.  I have often wished his story was documented somewhere so I could know more about my father and his life in service to the United States of America.  This is my way to help others tell and document their stories not only to their families, but to others that truly are interested to hear the life of a courageous and exemplary soldier. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcasts.


This is me with my daughter Catherine, my duffel bags in background.  I am headed to Saudi Arabia (Operation Desert Shield) I was there for 8 months.


Your story is waiting to be told.

Every soldier has a story to be heard and every story has an audience.  Let me help you tell your story.


Donald Winn

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